About the editor

OLFI Editor Peter Ernstved Rasmussen
Siden august 2020 har OLFIs redaktør været fast vært på debatprogrammet “Frontlinjen” på den Radio4. Arkivfoto: Agnete Schlichtkrull

An energetic, ambitious and outspoken editor

Peter Ernstved Rasmussen is a Danish media entrepreneur and the owner of the niche media OLFI covering Danish defence and security politics. In 2015 he established OLFI and launched the site in February 2016. Since then OLFI has become the most important media about the defence forces in Denmark raising a wide, open and fairly outspoken debate about the armed forces and national security.

Before establishing OLFI Peter Ernstved Rasmussen worked for 1,5 years as a communications consultant with the Director of Public Prosecutions in Copenhagen (anklagemyndigheden). He has a background as a journalist from The University of Southern Denmark in Odense and worked for eight years at the National Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, where he among other areas covered crime, health and the defense forces – and the wars in Afghanistan and Libya.

In 2008 Peter Ernstved Rasmussen received the “Digger Prize” by the Danish Association of Investigative Journalists (FUJ) for the best example of investigative journalism in the newspaper category. In 2019 he received the prize for the second time for a series about nepotism and abuse of office in the defence forces – culminating when the former chief of army was sentenced to prison in 2020. Later same year Peter Ernstved Rasmussen received Publicistklubbens Innovation Prize for establishing OLFI.

Beside his work with OLFI Peter Ernstved Rasmussen is the anchor of the program “The Front Line” broadcasted at the National Danish Radio4. He is the author of “Soldier for Denmark” published in 2006. The book is about a Danish sergeant serving in the Army throughout the years of the development of the Danish activist foreign policy.

In the 1990’ies Peter Ernstved Rasmussen was an active officer of the reserve with the Royal Guards, and he spent almost six years in the Danish Army. In 1993 he served the Danish forces as a squad leader in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Sarajevo) and in 2004-2005 he was the head press- and information officer for the Danish contingent in Iraq (Basra) consisting of more than 500 soldiers and employees. Peter Ernstved Rasmussen has educated African and Eastern European officers in UN military duty participating and leading exercises in Zimbabwe (1998) and in Czech Republic (1997).

In 2010 Peter Ernstved Rasmussen received a Marshall Memorial Fellowship with The German Marshall Fund of The United States (GMF), and since 2013 he has served as the GMF City Coordinator in Copenhagen.

Peter Ernstved Rasmussen is a keen sailor and has crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a 41 ft. sailing yacht from Gran Canaria to St. Lucia in the Caribbean (2003), worked in the French Alps for three full winter seasons and as a jackaroo on a farm in Australia (2003). All in all Peter Ernstved Rasmussen has lived several years abroad in countries like France, Turkey and New Zealand.